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Stolen Data from the Church of Sweden Published
Stolen Data from the Church of Sweden Published

Stolen Data from the Church of Sweden Published

Darknet ransomware

A significant amount of data was stolen from the Church of Sweden in a cyberattack in November 2023. This data has now been published on the Darknet, according to a press release from the church.

"It is likely all the data stolen during the cyberattack in November," the statement reads.

The attack was identified as a ransomware attack carried out by the LockBit group, a well-known ransomware gang. The stolen information is believed to include personal data of church members and staff​ (Breachesense)​​ (IT Governance)​.

On May 7, 2024, the church received threats that the stolen data would be published unless a ransom was paid. However, the Church of Sweden decided to stand firm and not pay any ransom, maintaining their initial stance on the matter.

The cyberattack is part of a broader trend of ransomware incidents in 2024, which has seen numerous organizations targeted globally. Ransomware attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, often involving the theft of sensitive data which is then used to extort victims​ (IT Governance)​​ (​.

The Church of Sweden's refusal to pay the ransom aligns with advice from cybersecurity experts, who warn that paying ransoms often encourages further attacks and does not guarantee the safe return of data. Instead, organizations are encouraged to strengthen their cybersecurity measures and work with law enforcement to address such incidents.

The impact of the breach is still being assessed, and the church has advised affected individuals to monitor their personal accounts for any suspicious activity. The Church of Sweden is also working with cybersecurity firms to mitigate the damage and prevent future breaches.

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For more information on this incident and other recent data breaches, visit Breachsense and IT Governance.